Tire recycling

Tire recycling

Tire Mountain in a Landfill in Mbelewa in Nkwen, Bamenda

Tire pollution is a big problem around the globe and a bigger problem for developing nations. 

In Cameroon, there's no tire recycling firm and this has left people to either throw their used tires around the neighborhood or burn them or abandon them with the "Ikena Tire"  (Tire Repairer)

Burning tires is the fastest way to release toxic gases into the atmosphere meanwhile dumping tires in the open environment makes it a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes and other infectious organisms. Sending used tires to the landfill occupies a lot of landfill space. 

Tire pollution is a reality and a very big problem and this explains why we embarked on a journey to valorize tires in a bid to stop people from burning tires and stop tire pollution.

 We're actively engaged in the training of young people in schools and communities in the upcycling of tires into low-cost, durable, and sustainable tire-upcycled products for agriculture, erosion control, sitting, playgrounds, fencing, etc. 

Our tire creativity has realized two tire innovations; Mushroom Tire Seats and Tire Erosion Embankments. 

Mushroom Tire Seats

They are called  “Mushroom Tire Seats” because they appear as if they are growing from the ground and have a round cemented mushroom cap.

DIY: Learn how to build a Mushroom Tire Seat and the benefits of Mushroom Tire Seats

Tire Erosion Embankment

Most waterways in our communities are not constructed and constructing waterways to limit erosion is usually very costly. With used tires, we are constructing waterways in our community and planting some beautiful trees and flowers along the banks of the stream, making it more beautiful while stopping erosion.

Besides the Mushroom Tire Seats and Tire Erosion Embankments, we have also been actively engaged in the upcycling of tires to produce;

  • Tire Flower Pots
  • Tire Gardens
  • Living Tire Fence
  • Tire Embankments

The Teken Field Tire Embankment Project

Our Tire Upcling Program has trained over 2000 young people in schools and communities in tire upcycling and so far, we have upcycled over 5000 tires. It's added value to used tires which now sell at 50 - 100 CFAF.

Some of our beneficiary institutions include;

  1. P.S Ntamulung Early Childhood Education Center
  2. Government High School Kedjom-Keku
  3. Government Technical College Nkeung
  4. University of Bamenda students on internship at the Regional Delegation of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED)

Our future tire upcycling goals are to build an Open Tire Amphitheater and Earthships (Low-cost tire upcycled environmentally friendly houses)

Contact us at contact@thegreens-international.org for any Tire Upcycling Training for a school or community.