Climate Change

Climate Change

The Greens' Climate Change Program is aimed at raising awareness and educating young people about Climate Change, as well as advocating for climate justice and action. This program has 03 Trainings that we've developed to educate young people about Climate Change.

1. Understanding Climate Change

This training is designed to teach young people about what climate change is, how we're contributing to it, how it's manifesting itself in our community, its impacts, and what we can do to adapt and mitigate climate change.  The training is designed in English and Pidgin English and uses local examples for effective understanding. 

2. Kites for Climate Training

The training is a combination of the Understanding Climate Change training plus training on how to make and fly giant kites with climate messages for awareness raising and advocacy.

Every year during the windy season, we organize this creative and fun training.


3. Arts and Crafts for Climate Training

Our "Arts and Crafts for Climate Change" Training is teaching young people about Climate Change and giving them the opportunity to produce bracelets and drawings about Climate Change. 


So far, we've organized over 20 Climate Change trainings that have educated over 500 young people about Climate Change. 

Besides our Climate Change training, we also have projects and programs that are mitigating climate change such as Waste Business Hub, the Kedjom-Keku Community forest project, the Bamenda Highlands Conservation Program, etc.

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