Green Radio

Green Radio


In 2012, we launched our weekly one-hour environmental radio program on FM 99.0, Abakwa FM Radio, airing from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. For over seven years, we have utilized this platform to educate thousands of individuals in the North West Region about local and global environmental issues.

Key segments of our Green Radio program include:

  • Green Quote of the Week: An environmental quote to kick off the program.
  • Green News: Covering both local and global environmental happenings
  • Green Question of the Day: Positing an environmental question for listeners to call in and share their thoughts. Participants stand a chance to win prizes, and the question aligns with the main topic of discussion.
  • Focus of the Day: Delving into a specific environmental topic of interest, often featuring guest experts in the studio. 
  • Nature's Cure: A 5-minute presentation on naturopathy.
  • Green Opportunities: Showcasing various environmental opportunities, such as scholarships, fellowships, contests, etc.
  • Closing Remarks: We usually announce our winners of the day as well as send out green greetings to listeners, friends, etc.

In addition to Green Radio, we've also acted as resource persons for other environmental radio programs on stations like CRTV, NDEFCam Radio, Radio Hot Cocoa, and the University of Bamenda Radio.

To date, we've hosted over 350 radio programs, reaching and educating over one million people on diverse environmental issues, including Climate Change, Environmental Rights and Duties, Waste Management, Biodiversity Conservation, and more.